• Proprietary Lower Middle Market Deal Flow
  • Only Direct Investments
  • Deal-by-Deal Investor Decisions
  • Active Operational Management
  • Buy and Build in Fragmented Industries
  • Experienced Operating Partners
  • Capital Markets Fund Raising Ability             
  • Top Line Growth Strategy
  • Create "Winning Teams"


We're Private Equity Operators Focused Upon Transforming Middle Market Companies

We invest in and actively manage the transformation of middle market companies. Our strategy is to "buy and build" privately held companies in highly fragmented industry segments where we've experienced prior success. Our investors like our unique structure and more friendly terms.


Investors provide capital on a deal by deal basis making investments into BoldPointe Partners GP/LP Special Purpose Vehicles ("SPV"). These SPVs are industry segment specific and are the holding company for initial platform investments and bolt-on acquisitions.  




Here's Our Structure For Investors

  • BoldPointe sources only proprietary deals

  • Investors can invest in multiple SPVs 

  • Independent board selection available to investors

  • Investors receive current income

  • Targeted liquidity event:  4 to 6 years

  • Investors receive return of capital, preferred return, return of advisory fees prior to a 100% "catch up" paid to BoldPointe 

  • Thereafter, profits are split 80%/20% between investors and BoldPointe 

We know sustainable investor value in the lower middle market is only created by passionate, hands on, full time operating expertise and leadership. We believe strongly in the "manager-owner" model, where "winning teams" create wealth for all stakeholders. 





The CEO's Role in Creating "Winning Teams"

Preparing For a Successful Business Exit


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