• Capital Access Is Limited
  • Customers & Competitors Are Receptive
  • Cultures & Regions Are Compatible
  • Change Catalysts Are Unlikely 
  • Identifying When A "Buy & Build" Strategy Works
  • Providing Acquisition Integration Leadership
  • Executing 100 Day "Change" Plan
  • Achieving Economies of Scale ​
  • Leveraging Managerial Talent

We Source Opportunities That Create Competitive Advantages for Our Investors


Our strategic approach relies upon research conducted by The Tuck Scool of Business at Darthmouth and Michael Porter from Harvard Business School.  We not only consider investment opportunities that achieve economies of scale and/or scope and leverage our management talent, but we seek "buy and build" investments that affirmatively answer four issues that provide competitive advantage to our investments upon successful execution.



Our Investments Must Answer Yes To:

  • Is capital access restricted?

  • Are customers and competitors receptive?

  • Are cultures and regions compatible?

  • Are change catalysts unlikely? 


How We Achieve Competitive Advantage


  • Identify and fully investigate the first four issues

  • Select proven leadership for cultural integration

  • Execute business strategy and successful branding

  • Achieve economies of scale and/or scope

  • Leverage managerial talent