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  • Platform Investment: $35MM+ Valuation
  • Minimum $4.0 MM in TTM EBITDA
  • Bolt-On Investments:  $5.0MM+ Valuation
  • No Minimum TTM EBITDA For Bolt-Ons
  • Fragmented Industries Preferred
  • Low Growth Generational Transfers
  • Retiring Owner Without Succession Plan
  • Owner Unwilling to Lever Balance Sheet
  • Retiring Owners Looking to Cash Out

Investment Criteria and Opportunities


We specialize in defensible platform companies with a minimum of $35MM in Total Enterprise Value (debt plus equity) and a minimum of $4.0MM in EBITDA.  Bolt-on acquisitions usually have Total Enterprise Values of at least $5.0MM, but have no minimum EBITDA figure.  All require additional growth capital and professional management to achieve optimal value.


We Focus on These Types of Value Investments


  • Over leveraged companies with mismanaged balance sheets

  • Underperforming non-core asset spin-outs 

  • Generational transfers with no management succession

  • Recapitalization of a cash flowing company

  • Retiring owners looking to cash out in a tax efficient manner

  • Rapidly growing company without management and capital infrastructure to reach optimum commercial potential

  • Platforms capable of successfully integrating bolt-on acquisitions expanding product lines or geography



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