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  • It's The World's 4th Largest Economy
  • Wealth Transfer Over Next 10 Years:  Trillions
  • 90,000+ Companies:  Revenues $20MM -- $500MM
  • Socially Responsible:  Greatest Job Creators
  • Management Succession:  An Issue for Sellers
  • Sellers Know Interest Rates Drive Valuations
  • Abundance of Highly Fragmented Industries
  • Buyers Can Grow Quicker Thru Acquisition
  • Buyers Realize Business Sustainability Requires Operational Partner Experience
  • Larger PE Funds Focus on Business Cycle Investing and Financial Engineering
  • Middle Market is Less Competitive = More Opportunities to Achieve Higher Valuations for Sellers and Greater Returns for Buyers 

Why Investing In The Middle Market US Companies Is Socially Responsible Investing

  • Middle and Lower Middle market companies in the US are the largest creators of high paying jobs in urban areas

  • Regulators have reduced lending to these companies post 2008 recession by toughening credit requirements for community banks

  • These companies are major supporters  and employers of the communities they live in

  • With growth capital and professional management these companies will remain engines of change and entrepreneurial innovation

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