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  • Achieve Seller's Personal Goals
  • Offer Competitive Valuation
  • Retain Seller Legacy 
  • Negotiate Transitional Role for Seller
  • Prefer Buyers Who "Buy and Build" 
  • Select Buyers Who Build "Winning Teams"
  • Health Issues
  • Estate Planning Concerns
  • Lack of Management Sucession
  • No Desire to Leverage Balance Sheet
  • Minimum Enterprise Value of $35 Million
  • Minimum EBITDA of $4 Million

We Want to Grow Your Legacy

You have years of experience in building your company. You have deep insight into your customers’ needs – and how best to fill them – while maintaining profit margins that are at the top of your industry. So, when the time comes to seek liquidity, you typically ask:


  1. Should we sell to a strategic acquirer – perhaps a competitor – who could dismantle elements of the company and/or eliminate positions?

  2. Should we consider bringing in a private equity partner, maintain an on–going stake and continue to play a role going forward?

  3. Should we sell to an operating group that 1) structures the most attractive purchase price that fits our needs (usually all cash with or without additional equity upside), 2) offers us a transitional role, and 3) continues to build the business using their growth capital and leveraging their managerial talent without eliminating positions? Both strategic and private equity Buyers can fit Option 3.


At BoldPointe Partners, we only approach Buyers that fit that third choice. We believe this choice is best for owners with

1) estate planning concerns, or

2) prospective health issues, or

3) a lack of viable management succession, or

4) maybe you don't want to increase your balance sheet leverage to achieve the next level of successful growth.  


Most importantly, we recognize the mutual sacrifice and emotional commitment you and your employees have shared in building your business.  During our initial discussion, we work closely with you to develop a plan for a successful exit that achieves all of your personal goals and repositions your business achieving the optimal valuation.  We develop an exit plan with your chosen professionals which we present to all stakeholders for their buy-in.  In addition, we place our founder or other experienced colleagues to partner with you in executing that plan prior to a Buyer search.  This increases the probability of a successful exit.  


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