• Provide Strategic Advice Creating Value
  • Develop A Trusted Relationship 
  • Become Advisory Board Member
  • Create Greater Value For Owner
  • Personal Goals Identified
  • Improve Operating Performance
  • Create Greater Value
  • Develop Tax Efficient Exit Strategy
  • Locate Optimal Buyer or Partner

Our Strategic Advice Creates Value 

We usually provide advisory board and board member services to business owners in specific and unique situations. We'll occassionally accept an assignment to work with an existing owner to create value prior to an exit. Our advisory board remuneration usually contains a time based cash fee and options or warrants.  


In some instances, we may provide separately negotiated consulting services which may position us as the seller's optimal buyer. We maximize the value of the business at the time the owner decides to exit and are uniquely positioned to know the value of the company, the management team, operational strengths, potential acquisition candidates and current financial partners.


That process is identical to the one we use for our portfolio companies. We begin with helping the owner(s) describe and prioritize their personal and business goals which are achievable within the designated time period. Once these goals are agreed, we'll begin our engagement which may include any or all of the following:

  • Assessment of business and industry

  • BoldPointe 100 day operational plan including detailed business model financial metrics

  • Detailed due diligence to confirm underlying strengths and opportunities

  • Build annual operating and capital expenditure budget

  • Strengthen the basic operational processes and systems 

  • Upgrade internal and external financial reporting

  • Strengthen balance sheet for maximum and rapid growth

  • Build strong relationships with the company’s lenders and financial partners

  • Create tax efficient exit strategies for owner and family members

  • Develop an exit strategy

  • Identify buyers who meet the owner’s financial and personal objectives

Our compensation for our consulting services is primarily performance based and is tied to the company’s increase in equity value from the beginning of our engagement. This arrangement provides these advantages to the owner:

  • Preserves cash

  • Creates congruent goals

  • Retains long-term relationship with committed advisor

  • Maximizes value of business

  • Positions company for exit


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