• Deliver Risk Adjusted Attractive Returns
  • Treating Investor Assets As Our Own
  • Communicate Candidly & Transparently
  • Put Investor Interests First
  • Ensure an Alignment of Interests
  • Create "Winning Teams"
  • Strive for Excellence
  • Seek All Points of View
  • Demonstrate Humility & Candor
  • Respect Each Other's Uniqueness
  • Hold Everyone Accountable

What We Believe and Stand For

We are entrusted with the assets of our investors and the livelihoods of our portfolio company employees.  Unlike most other private equity firms, we are both owners and everyday managers. We realize our reputation and relationships depend upon performance and trust.  We must earn both each and every day.  By focusing our attention on shared values, firm culture and committed stewardship, these goals are more easily achieved.  



  • Treating Investor Assets As Our Own

  • Communicating Candidly and Transparently

  • Providing "Best In Class" Service

  • Creating Value for All Stakeholders

  • Appointing Investors As Board Members


Firm Culture


  • Attract The Best People

  • Build "Winning" Teams

  • Create Incentives That Reward Performance

  • Ensure An Alignment Of Interests With Investors--"Skin in the Game"

  • Put Investor Interests First

  • Practice "The Golden Rule"

Shared Values

  • Strive For Excellence In Everthing We Do

  • Seek All Points Of View Before Making Judgements

  • Be Creative In Seeking The Optimum Solution

  • Demonstrate Humility And Candor

  • Respect Each Other's Uniqueness

  • Hold Everyone Accountable

  • Demand Professionalism, Confidentiality and Integrity

  • Improve The Community We Live In